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We are able to test all reparations named in our Price List before their return; our Final Tests are the result of our experience and are optimized in order to answer any processing’s requirement.

For some reparations a document called “Final Test Report” is supplied, with the aim to certify regular functionality after control tests. In order to please the customers better we have built over the course of years dedicated and certified test benches, so to satisfy a diversified market which continuously evolves.

The reparation, or rather the total adjustment of system of logic card given, by means of cleaning, restoration and replacement of obsolete and/or faulty parts turns our service into a regeneration which is an additional value for our Customer who can enjoy a 12 months guarantee, extended to 13 months for SME panels. This guarantee is the touchable evidence put in our service.

We also offer to Customers the possibility, for some reparations, to get the exchange program so to have reduced Down Time. Typology, availability, conditions, service and other may be required by getting directly in touch with us or by visiting our Web Site in the section “parts for exchange”.


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